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Access internet

Fully access of high speed internet for the guests is available at every corner

Cafe Fly

café in the center of the hotel next to reception a cute space with artistic interior with the Unforgettable taste of Alacarte menu,

Car parking

Providing you the safest spot for your vehicles at the prime location inside the hotel. So you don’t have to worry about the parking problems.

Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool is the sort of relaxation and fun for people of all ages. Airport hotel Karachi facilitates its guests with the hygienic and a wide swimming pool.


Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner is served in the dinning hall at the specific time period mentioned with updated menus of hygienic and healthy food


All the latest equipment’s to keep you in track of your fitness routines with the guidance of skilled trainer because the fitness of your health come first


he luxurious yet comfortable rooms at the prime prices at the five different categories Standard, Deluxe, Executive, Cooperative club and suites. The furnished rooms with the marbled bathrooms, LED’s, Splits along with the facility of service and high speed internet access all you want is here with the facility of room service, laundry, housekeeping for the deep cleanings of the rooms

Game room

Airport hotel Karachi provides its guests with all the possible facilities to To keep them entertain.


Binge watch Netflix this what now a days every one of every age is doing Airport Hotel provides its guests with the service of Netflix


Pick and drop for the guests or clients Airport hotel makes it easy for you we offer transportation services for our guests


Need a venue for your memorable events Airport Hotel has the perfect venue to make your events beautiful and memorable.

sauna bath

Blow of your tensions and enjoy the relaxing session of sauna now since the blood vessels relax and dilate in a sauna, blood flow increases,

room service

Don’t want to get up from your bad or feeling lazy to go to dinning hall pick up your intercom and get a room service at the fastest time to your room
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